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Project Description

SmugMug.NET is a .NET library for accessing the SmugMug API. The goal of this project is to allow developers to easily consume the SmugMug web services using any .NET language. I'm currently targetting the released version of the API (1.2.0) using JSON responses.

More Information

  • is written entirely in C# using .NET Framework 2.0.
  • uses JSON responses for lightweight web service traffic.

Development Plan

Milestone 1 (In Progress)

  • Define API interface class against version 1.2.0 of the SmugMug API. (Complete)
  • Create API implementation class using JSON responses. (In Progress)
  • Have tests in place for all JSON api methods. (In Progress)

Milestone 2

  • Create mock object class for the SmugMug API interface.

Milestone 3

  • Create object model on top of the SmugMug API.

Note: I started this project quite a while ago (2007) and decided to publish it as-is in an attempt to preserve the code. When I left it, Milestone 1 was nearly complete and I believe that it was in a mostly usable state using the low-level API.

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